Aker Kvaerner power boiler island contract for U.S. coal beneficiation plant

29 June 2006 – Aker Kvaerner, a Norweigan power generation supply company, has been awarded a contract for a power boiler island to KFx Inc., which is developing its coal beneficiation facility at their Buckskin plant in Wyoming, USA. The contract value to Aker Kvaerner is approximately EUR 60 million.

KFx Inc. will use the new power boiler to produce steam for KFx’s coal beneficiation process, which utilizes heat and pressure to physically and chemically transform high moisture, low heating value coals, into more energy efficient, lower emission fuel.

Kvaerner Power, part of the Aker Kvaerner group, will supply the coal-fired power boiler to KFx’s Buckskin plant. The power boiler will use circulating fluidized bed technology and will have a steam capacity of 88 kilograms per second. The new boiler island will be ready in December 2008.