Spanish solar roofing tie-up

24 May 2006 – Solar Integrated Technologies, a provider of non-residential building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roofing systems, announced today that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Master Renovables, an engineering company specializing in the solar energy sector, for sales of Solar Integrated’s roofing systems in Spain.

In the MOU, Master Renovables commits to purchase a minimum of up to 1.6 MW and a maximum of up to 2.5 MW of BIPV roofing systems from Solar Integrated through 2008, with minimum annual purchase amounts for 2006, 2007 and 2008.

As part of the MOU, Solar Integrated has received an order from Master Renovables for a 109 kW BIPV roofing system to be installed on the roof of a consumer goods production facility in Spain. This represents the second order received by Solar Integrated from Master Renovables. The first order, completed in 2005, was for a supermarket warehouse in Barcelona, Spain.

“We are pleased to partner with Master Renovables for sales of our BIPV roofing systems in the exciting Spanish market. This repeat order from Master Renovables puts our partnership on a strong footing from the very beginning,” commented Jon W. Slangerup, Chief Executive Officer of Solar Integrated. “Customers are increasingly seeking to secure access to our products over multi-year arrangements, which provides further validation of our business expansion strategy.”

“Bringing innovative renewable solutions has been one of Master Renovables’ priorities. With Solar Integrated’s BIPV technology being compatible with lightweight roof systems, we are able to bring double value added to our costumers – photovoltaic production and roofing impermeabilization guarantees,” stated Jordi Giró, Managing Director of Master Renovables. “Our initial experience with Solar Integrated was very positive. Their BIPV roofing system fits very well with the requirements of our customers. With this arrangement, we have secured a supply of BIPV roofing systems to support our expected demand for the Spanish market.”
“Fusion has several attractions as a large-scale energy source,” said a press release by the European Commission prior to the event.

It noted that fusion energy had many advantages such as the availability of basic fuels, no greenhouse gas emissions, inherently safe power stations free of possible “meltdowns” or “runaway reactions” and long-lasting radioactive waste, according to INEP agency.