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India encouraged by moves to end nuclear export bans

23 May 2006 – India is preparing to signal the start of a race to install 40 000 MW of nuclear capacity in the country after the chairman of the country’s nuclear power company outlined ambitious development plans.

Areva, EDF, Westinghouse and GE were all mentioned by S.K Jain as possible candidates to supply nearly 30 reactors by 2020. The total investment from the country is likely to be around $40bn.

The country’s ambitions are all dependent on receiving international clearing for nuclear technology imports to resume.

So far President Bush has requested that Congress ends nuclear technology sanctions against India, while countries including Australia, Japan and Russia are all considering calling an end to the ban on nuclear technology exports to the country.

“We are very confident the deal and all the agreements will go through,” Jain said. “As an outcome of that, India will have access to the global nuclear technology market.”