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Wheelabrator to install multi-pollutant control system

15 May 2006 — Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control Inc., a division of Siemens Power Generation, has been awarded a contract by E.ON U.S. to design and supply a multi-pollutant control system for the new 750-MW Trimble County, Unit 2 facility in Kentucky, US. The facility will be powered by an advanced super-critical pulverized coal boiler and steam turbine generator.

Under the terms of the contract, Wheelabrator will design, fabricate, supply and start up the AQCS. The system will include dry particulate control technology including a powdered activated carbon injection system for mercury control, a wet flue gas desulfurization system for SO2 control, and a wet electrostatic precipitator for acid mist and fine particulate control.

Additionally, E.ON U.S. has awarded Wheelabrator a separate long-term service agreement to provide this AQCS with service and upgrades. This agreement is also expandable to other AQCS in the E.ON U.S. power generation system.

Bechtel Power Corp. will design and build the new Unit 2 facility. Construction is scheduled to begin in July 2006 and go on-line in the spring of 2010.