Proposed wind farm grid would transmit energy owned by Europe

10 May 2006 – Airtricity will today launch its plans to create a pan European sub-sea energy grid that will transport energy from a €22bn ($28bn) offshore wind foundation project in the North Sea.

Speaking at the Parliamentary reception held in Westminster, UK, Airtricity’s chief executive, Eddie O’Connor, said: “Supergrid and the 10 GW foundation project are practically and symbolically significant proposals to invest in.”

If constructed, the so-called Supergrid would link a series of offshore wind farms from the Mediterranean, the Bay of Biscay, the Atlantic, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Airtricity and ABB began working on the concept in 2005 with the aim of designing a high voltage AC/DC power network to link national grids and deliver power from offshore wind farms.

The scale of the project means that when fully operational, Europe will have access to wind energy at all times because the wind will always be blowing somewhere on the grid.

The power generated will be a common European source, rather than a national asset.

While presenting the concept for Supergrid, Airtricity also outlined a proposal to build a €22bn 10 GW offshore wind energy foundation project in the North Sea between the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. The project would be the largest offshore wind farm in European waters and could effectively power 8 million homes.