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LDK commences solar wafer manufacturing in China

5 May 2006 – LDK Solar has begun the manufacture of solar wafers in China following the established of a new turnkey solar manufacturing facility by GT Solar Technologies, a division of GT Equipment Technologies.

GT Solar Technologies was instrumental in the design and layout of the LDK factory in Jiangxi Province, China, as well as the manufacture and installation of the equipment that LDK is using in its Phase One, 75 MW manufacturing line.

LDK will ramp up that line to 200 MW by the end of 2006 and to 400 MW by the end of 2007. LDK’s ultimate plan calls for growth to a one gigawatt manufacturing line, which would make it one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar

GT’s Project Manager for the LDK facility, Charles Hagopian, said: “GT was involved from the very beginning with LDK Solar in the design of its factory, the installation of GT’s equipment, and the training of LDK’s employees. We are excited to see this factory begin to produce solar wafers, and we look
forward to continue working with LDK in its planned expansion
of the manufacturing line over the next several years.”

LDK President, Mr. Light DK Peng, said: “Our relationship with GT Solar Technologies is a good example of how two companies in different parts of the world can work together effectively to create a quality solar manufacturing line and factory in a relatively short period of time.”

LDK Solar Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. located in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, China, focuses on the research and manufacture of silicon solar wafers.