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Siemens new I&C technology to modernize Saudi plants

4 May 2006 – Siemens has won a contract to install its latest instrumentation and control system at two power plants in Saudi Arabia that were built in the 1980s by GE and the former Westinghouse Power Generation.

The Shedgum and Faras gas turbine plants have a total capacity of 1650 MW. The contract for the upgrade was awarded by the country’s power utility Saudi Electrical Company.

Under the terms of the contract, Siemens will upgrade the I&C systems for a total of 16 Frame 7 gas turbines and five Westinghouse W501D machines. The I&C systems currently in use, Mark II and WETAC, no longer correspond to today’s demand, according to Siemens.

They are to be replaced by Siemens newest I&C system, SPPA-T3000. In addition, the contract includes replacement of vibration instrumentation on all of these machines as well as the automatic voltage regulator for exciter equipment.

In certain cases, instrumentation and fuel control valves of the Westinghouse machines will also be replaced.

The project is to be completed by April 2007. The power plants Shedgum and Faras are situated in eastern Saudi Arabia near Dammam and supply electric power to the Saudi grid.