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Invensys to supply digital automation in China coal plants

4 May 2006 – Invensys Process Systems has been chosen by China Power International (CPI) to implement I/A Series digital control systems from Foxboro for seven generating units at four new coal fired power plants to be constructed in eastern China.

The four power plants are with a combined capacity of 4200 MW are: Ping Wei Plant #2 at Huai Nan city in An Hui province; Huang Gang Da Bie Shan plant at Ma Cheng city in Hu Bei province; Yao Meng Plant #2 at Ping Dingshan city in He Nan province, and Qing He plant at Tie Ling city, Liao Ning province.

In addition to I/A Series automation hardware and software, Invensys Process Systems China will also provide a range of installation services, engineering and training for each of the grass roots projects.

The plants will be among the largest in the CPI generation infrastructure and will employ supercritical pulverized coal technology. Three of the plants each comprise two 600 MW generating units, while the Qing He site is a single-unit 600 MW plant. All plants will be built around advanced designs for optimal efficiency, safety and environmental protection.

The new implementations extend Invensys’ presence within China Power International, which is one of the major power plant owners and operators in China. Invensys already has successful I/A Series implementations at the Chang Shu power plant and at Ping Wei Plant #1, together representing 2400 MW of generating capacity.

Each implementation will employ seven I/A Series workstations and approximately 20 controller units, which will support applications for feedwater turbine control, flue gas desulphurization, data acquisition, coordinated control functions, burner management, and sequence controls. The systems will encompass between 7800 and 9100 I/O points each.

China Power International’s new power plants will utilize boilers and turbines representing four major Chinese heavy equipment manufacturers, employing process technologies from several established global technology licensors.