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Russia sees bright future for nuclear

20 April 2006 – Leading Russian energy players are currently preparing to develop more nuclear reactors in order to meet increased domestic electricity demand and free up more natural gas for export.

Speaking at a recent international conference, the head of Russia’s Federal Agency for Atomic Energy, Valeriy Rachkov, said: “The role of nuclear power stations in the provision of stable electricity supplies in this country will constantly increase.”

Rachkov later went on to add that by 2025, the country’s nuclear power stations should be producing 23 per cent of all electricity, which would require between 2 and 4 GW of new nuclear capacity to be commissioned annually.

At a press conference yesterday the head of Gazprom, Aleksey Miller, said the company was currently pursuing an interest in nuclear power.

“Atomic power may become one area of our work in the foreseeable future. We are holding consultations on this topic, we have a group of experts working on it.”

According to Miller, Gazprom would be keen to develop nuclear energy in order to free up more natural gas for export to traditional markets in Europe and to establish new export markets.