Issue 4 and Volume 110.

Electric Globe Control Valve

Asahi/America Inc. has introduced the Compact Electric Globe Control Valve. This modulating control valve has been designed for precise flow control and is available in body materials of PVC, PP, PVDF and PTFE, and in sizes from ½ to 2 inch. The Compact Electric Globe Control Valves feature a self-diagnostic actuator, a number of field selectables, including cycle time and signal (0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA), lightweight construction, characterized trim for both linear or equal percentage flow curves, and various plug and seat arrangements within a given size valve for maximum control. Also, the plug and seat can be easily changed in the field to accommodate a variety of CV (valve coefficient) values should the conditions change. These thermoplastic valves are highly corrosion resistant and are ideally suited for aggressive chemical applications.

Thermal Spray Solutions Portfolio

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St. Louis Metallizing recently published a portfolio outlining the many uses of metal alloy, ceramic and carbide coatings to minimize wear and corrosion. These solutions apply to many industries, including power. The publication outlines a series of benefits that the thermal spray process offers: reduced cost, versatility, thickness range, processing speed, material selection, and others. The publication is free.

Gear Drive Lubricant

The Falk Corp. has introduced GMax 6000 Enclosed Gear Drive Lubricant, which provides excellent wear protection, thermal and oxidation stability, and extended operating life. In addition, GMax 6000 is available as a “Factory Fill” option on all Falk gear drives. According to Falk, GMax 6000 will extend gear drive operating life up to 15,000 hours between lubricant changes. It has a wide temperature capability, -30 F to 235 F, and can eliminate seasonal lubricant changes due to climate. Falk is offering a 10-year gear performance warranty for drives that are “Factory Filled” with GMax 6000.

Power Connectors

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Amphenol Industrial Operations has introduced a new line of power connectors that are 50 percent smaller and lighter-weight than competitive products. Neptune connectors are designed to provide safe and dependable power interconnections in portable equipment of any type, especially in demanding applications such as modular power generation equipment and convention center power distribution. The Neptune line includes plugs and receptacles from 30 amps to 400 amps at 600 volts. The line’s lightweight, rugged aluminum hardware is precision machined from high-tensile-strength bar stock and finished with a hard coating to 40 points on the Rockwell C scale. Conductors are readily terminated to easily accessible pressure wire terminals.

High-temperature Thermocouples

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GeoCorp Inc. has increased the service life of high-temperature thermocouples by removing all oxygen from the thermocouple sheath and backfilling with inert gases. The inert gas backfilling and vacuum sealing allows the thermocouples to remain accurate for a longer time, helping reduce costs for the users and reduce the downtime required when changing thermocouples. Sheaths used for backfilled thermocouples are provided in various materials, including Inconel, molybdenum or tantalum. They can be produced in lengths up to 48 inches and with thermocouple conductors of types R, S or C.

Cooling Tower Packing

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Tri-Mer Corp. has introduced a line of lightweight cooling tower packing that’s compatible with all commercial tower types and sizes. Tri-Packs CT is a high-efficiency cooling tower media that facilitates continuous formation of droplets throughout the packed bed, producing maximum cooling efficiency. The shaping of ribs, struts and drip rods gives the media excellent wetting characteristics and maintains uniform liquid distribution throughout the tower. It is manufactured of 100 percent virgin polypropylene, which makes it corrosion-proof and resistant to the broadest range of chemicals, as well as extreme pH. The media’s light weight simplifies handling and makes it possible to install new cooling towers in places that would be impractical if total weight were substantially higher.

Sight Flow Indicators

Papailias Inc. has introduced Series FIF sight flow indicators with flanged ends per ANSI B16.5 and B16.24 that offer inline, on-the-spot viewing of a pipeline’s contents. Series FIF units may be configured with flapper, drip tube or rotary flow indicators and are rated at 150 psig. Full ANSI pressure class 150 rating is available. Standard units are available in ½- to 20-inch sizes. Weights range from 4 pounds to 230 pounds and standard construction materials include bronze, carbon steel or 316 steel for the body, carbon steel or ductile iron for the lens retainer, carbon steel fasteners, neoprene or Teflon gaskets, and borosilicate glass lenses. Other materials are available upon request. Options also include DIN flange connections and double window assemblies.

Nuclear-qualified Instrument Brochure

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A new eight-page brochure, describing the company’s line of nuclear-qualified instrumentation, is now available from Weed Instrument. “Excellence in Solutions-Products-Services” describes various nuclear-qualified products, including temperature sensors, temperature transmitters, thermowells, pressure transmitters and analog fiber optic data links/contact closures. The publication is also available in French and Chinese. The catalog represents more than 30 years of experience in nuclear-qualified instrumentation.

Electric Valve Actuators

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Rotork Controls Inc. has announced a new line of IQ PRO intelligent electric valve actuators as well as a compatible IQ PRO setting tool with advanced downloading capabilities. IQ PRO actuators provide enhanced text displays, performance monitoring information and data logging with valve torque signature profiles. The new IQ PRO setting tool enables a safe and convenient way to quickly download actuator data without the need to carry a laptop or PDA into the field. Standard IQ Pro features include new large display with traditional Rotork indication icons and text displays for status and monitoring diagnostics; multilingual text capabilities; data logger valve torque signature profiling; data logger downloads in less than 30 seconds; actuator configuration file and datalogger file storage for transfer to a PC via IQ PRO setting tool; and ability to retrofit to any IQ Mk2. All Rotork IQ actuators have double-sealing protection to prevent water, moisture and dirt ingress.

Fabricated Pipeline Strainer

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The Eaton Model 950 Fabricated Duplex Pipeline Strainer continuously removes damage-causing particulate matter from ½ inch down to 45 microns from the flow in pipeline systems. The system flow never has to be shut down for strainer basket cleaning. Because the Model 950 Pipeline Strainer is fabricated, as opposed to being made from a casting, it’s easy and cost effective to modify to suit exact application requirements. Duplex pipeline strainer users and specifiers can “design” a duplex strainer that meets their exact needs with no compromises. Specifications such as inlet/outlet placement and location, physical size, cover types for the strainer basket chambers, automatic operation and steam jackets are among the items that can be customized. The Model 950 Duplex Pipeline Strainer is manufactured in carbon steel or type 316 stainless steel for 2 inch to 36 inch pipes. All sizes feature a large strainer basket “free area” ratio for excellent flow characteristics and a low start-up pressure drop.

Fluid Handling System

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The Innovative Fluid Handling Systems Storage & Dispensing System from the IFH Group provides an easy, safe and clean alternative to clumsy, messy 55-gallon drums for handling oils, lubricants and other fluids such as cutting oils, bearing oils, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids and engine oils. The IFH Storage and Dispensing System provides clean, efficient product transfer with no drum tipping cleaning and switching, and no replacement of drum pumps. The IFH Storage and Dispensing System takes up less floor space, helps maintain proper inventory and contains spills. The number and capacity of the containers in the system can be varied to suit the requirement. And, if one of the many standard systems available can’t handle the job, there are a variety of customized designs available to meet virtually any fluid handling requirement. All IFH Storage & Dispensing Systems allow storage of product close to the work area, cutting handling costs by as much as 80 percent. Easy product flow cuts retrieval time by as much as 50 percent to 75 percent over drums and pumps.

Infrared Cameras

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Mikron Infrared Inc. has introduced a first in infrared imaging technology for predictive maintenance applications. The new M7800 and M7815 cameras introduce a high-resolution 320×240 UFPA detector with a 60 Hz refresh rate. With four times the resolution of a standard 160×120 detector, the two cameras provide superior images – free of pixelating – with correspondingly higher resolution in temperature measurement. The cameras include many other professional-level features, such as on-board storage of 1300 images, and a “big screen” 3.5-inch articulating LCD.

Unitized Flexible Disc Element

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Rexnord has introduced the new Rex Thomas Tpack, an advanced technology unitized flexible disc coupling element that improves serviceability and provides additional torque capacity. The new design is compatible with currently installed Rex Thomas disc couplings. Rexnord also redesigned the Series 54RDG close coupled disc coupling to provide additional torque capacity. In addition, Rexnord applied the new Tpack flexible disc element to the new higher torque capacity Series 71 eight bolt spacer coupling for ANSI, API and other high performance and critical performance process pumps and compressors.

Bus Control System

Hayward Flow Control Systems has introduced a bus control system that allows eight or more electrical or pneumatically actuated valves to be controlled by a PLC with just a single pair of wires. Each actuator is assigned a unique address that identifies it to the PLC. Only the designated actuator has the ability to read and act on the control instructions intended for it. Not only does the system reduce installation costs, it makes it easier and less expensive to maintain the system because there are fewer wire runs to troubleshoot if a system problem occurs. The most savings are realized by systems with eight or more actuated valves located 50 feet or more from the controlling PLC.

Automatic Titrator

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JM Science has announced the newest Aquacounter Automatic Titrator, which is easy to operate, expandable and upgradable. The COM-300 performs pH, acid/base, complexometric, redox, Karl Fischer, photometric, non-aqueous titrations and ISE (ion-selective electrode) measurements. The unit can also determine total acid and total base numbers in oils and P and M (relating to water hardness) alkalinity. The COM-300 stores up to 50 results in memory or allows results to be downloaded to a laptop or desktop PC. Balance and computer interfaces are standard for good lab practice and ISO documentation. Linked methods, one-touch calculations and extensive file storage are additional features.

Articulating Videoscope

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Instrument Technology Inc. has introduced Model 128006 – a 6mm articulating, flexible videoscope specifically designed to reach into small, previously unreachable places. The scope comes with a portable comprehensive kit and features a 10-inch high-resolution, color LCD display. It features ProTechT, ITI’s patented overtorque protection system for smooth articulation control, which minimizes accidental cable breakage and reduces cable wear while increasing sensitivity and allowing for articulation of ±120 degrees. It also provides electronic and digital zoom and long-time exposure in a seven increments range.

Ceramic Repair Putty

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Devcon’s Ceramic Repair Putty is a fast, economical way to repair or rebuild worn or damaged equipment. The alumina-filled epoxy compound is engineered to form a smooth, long-lasting barrier against abrasion, corrosion, cavitation and chemical attack. It fills voids and improves the performance of critical equipment such as pump casings, impellers, suction plates, tube sheets, heat exchangers, condensers, water boxes, valves, chutes, tanks, hoppers, fan housings, etc. It also protects equipment from further damage, dramatically extending its service life. When cured, it withstands service temperatures up to 150 F wet and 350 F dry.

Portable Supplied Air System

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MST Inc. has announced a line of air purification equipment for use with supplied air respirators. Respiratory Protector Portable CO Removal Systems provide clean, humidified air to workers, while allowing extra freedom of movement not available with traditional wall-mount units. The systems convert CO to CO2 and remove many other toxic gases from breathing air. Using the company’s patented low temperature LT CAT catalyst, the systems do not require elaborate desiccant dryers, allowing for true continuous operation and eliminating the need to purge moisture. Because the breathing air is comfortably humid, worker discomfort from overly dry nasal passages is reduced or eliminated.

Rotary Torque Sensor Systems

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Rotary Torque Sensor Systems from the Force/Torque Division of PCB Piezotronics Inc. are ideally designed for automotive driveline and powertrain dynamometers and other torque measurement applications that require a robust torque transducer. The TORKDISC features a telemetry system consisting of an on-board electronic module that converts torque signals into a high-speed 16-bit digital output. Rotary Transformer styles are also available that use a non-contact, maintenance-free, design that eliminates the need for replacing worn brushes, as is the case with conventional slip ring type rotating torque sensors. Typical applications include dynamometer testing of gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions, transfer cases, differentials and drive shafts. Additional applications include torque studies on pumps, fans and electric motors. Rotary torque sensors are offered in capacities from 50 in-oz to 225 k in-lb full-scale and maximum speeds to 15,000 RPM.