China tops the 500 GW mark

18 January 2006 – The installed generating capacity of China has now reached over 500 GW, ranking it second only to the USA in the world. This is a rise of over 70 GW since 2004 year end figures.

Latest figures show a total installed capacity of 508.41 GW at the end of 2005. A spokesman for the State Electricity Regulatory Commission said, “China’s power supply has witnessed rapid growth in recent years since the country launched the West-East Electricity Transmission Plan which aims to transfer power from the hydropower-rich southwest to the eastern provinces’ economic powerhouses.”

“Power transmission balances the nation’s power supply and increases exchanges between different provinces and regions,” said Yu.

In 2005, China’s total power consumption reached 2.47 trillion kilowatt-hours. The transmission project contributed nearly 10 per cent of this.

China plans to add a further 40 GW of capacity each year until 2010.