Industry says EU delays costing efficiency improvements

16 January 2006 – A group of seven European industry associations have called for ‘full and rapid’ implementation of a Directive that would save millions of tonnes of energy through improved building standards.

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive was adopted by the European Parliament in December 2002 and should have been transposed into national law by the start of 2006.

The European Commission has estimated that full implementation of the Directive across all 25 member states could lead to annual energy savings of 41 million tonnes of energy.

Cogen Europe, one of the industry associations pushing for its implementation, believes the current Directive should be amended to include existing buildings below 1000 square metres.

Frank Knecht of Cogen said: “The Buildings Directive is one of the main pillars of European policy for the promotion of cogeneration. However, due to the delays in implementation, this Directive has yet to deliver any real improvements in the market.”