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Issue 1 and Volume 110.

Diesel Generator Sets

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Caterpillar Inc. has introduced the first in a new series of diesel-fueled generator sets with ACERT Technology. (Caterpillar introduced ACERT Technology to meet EPA ‘04 regulations for on-highway trucks.) The rating ranges for the new package include 900 to 1,000 kW and 1,000 to 1,100 kVA, all powered by the new Cat C32 engine, which is EPA Tier 2 certified. The new generator sets are designed for standby applications and load management. Available in 60 Hz and 50 Hz models, the C32 clean diesel generator set is powered by a 32-liter displacement, 12-cylinder, “V” configured engine. The generator features a permanent magnet excitation with Class H insulation, Class F temperature ratings, and anti-condensation space heaters. Winding temperature detectors are standard on select generator models. It is also equipped with an air-to-air after cooler (ATAAC) cooling system with a serpentine core radiator that condenses its footprint, improves airflow, increases static restriction capability, and lowers transportation costs.
Caterpillar Inc.

Oil Conditioning Systems

Kaydon Custom Filtration Corp. has introduced a new generation of Turbo-TOC oil conditioning systems. They are designed to prevent oxidation and viscosity breakdown that may compromise the effectiveness of turbine lubricants. Suited to applications in power generation, Turbo-TOC KL Series oil conditioning systems couple coalescing technology with electronic touch controls and state-of-the-art filter designs. Scaled to address the specific needs of both large and small facilities, Turbo-TOC KL systems quickly and efficiently remove harmful water, particulates and other contaminants from turbine lubrication oils. Turbo-TOC KL systems also bring predictability to maintenance schedules, enhance long-term equipment operation, and significantly reduce the likelihood of equipment failures or unscheduled maintenance.
Kaydon Custom Filtration Corp.

Rotary Actuators

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SKF rotary actuators provide precise positioning, accuracy and repeatability in heavy-duty industrial applications, including high-power switching and gas turbines, among others. They are designed to deliver optimized torque in a small package and feature modular construction to enable cost-effective customization tailored for particular application requirements. These actuators are lubricated for life, require no maintenance, and incorporate few moving parts to promote trouble-free operation and longer service life. SKF rotary actuators are compact, self-contained and delivered ready-to-mount for easy plug-in operation (AC or DC power supply). They can achieve maximum torque up to 1700 Nm, rotational motion ranges from 100 to 360 degrees (depending on rack length), and speeds up to 20 rpm.
SKF Actuation Systems