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Issue 11 and Volume 109.

AC Drive

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Yaskawa Electric America Inc. recently announced the availability of the G5HHP AC drive, providing up to 1,750 HP for use in pumps, fans, chillers, mining conveyers, rock crushers/extruders, and more. The G5HHP drive is designed as a modular system providing separate sections for the converter and inverter. This modular layout offers flexibility and allows users to customize the drives from 400 to 1,600 amp ratings, affording a wide array of application options. In addition, the G5HHP drive can be configured with power-related options including circuit breakers, line reactors, filters, and a regenerative front end that meets IEEE-519 harmonic specifications. The G5HHP is equipped with a serial port using standard Modbus protocol, but can also accommodate DeviceNet, ProfibusDP, Modbus Plus, and other popular communication protocols. The G5HHP contains a user interface with access to all parameters, diagnostics, and operational commands, and is also capable of providing additional control, monitoring and diagnostic communication options.
Yaskawa Electric America Inc.

Vibration Monitor

The new Allen-Bradley XM-720 Machine Vibration Monitor from Rockwell Automation delivers cost-effective monitoring and protection of critical plant-floor assets, while providing manufacturers with a scalable, packaged solution that can be easily integrated into a plant’s control and information system. The new XM-720 monitor is the latest addition to the Allen-Bradley XM Series line of machinery protection and condition monitoring modules designed for machinery requiring continuous online monitoring, such as motors, fans, pumps and blowers. The XM-720 monitor includes a measurement module, three relays, a front panel display and power supply in a compact package. It can be configured to operate as a stand-alone module or deploy on an open standard industrial bus. The modular and open design of XM machine condition monitoring and protection technology allows users to expand the XM-720 system to include other modules or to link the device into a broader system easily.
Rockwell Automation

Communications Module

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Triconex, a unit of Invensys Process Systems, recently announced a new communications module that meets today’s user requirements for open and flexible communications integration between safety instrumented systems (SIS) and distributed control systems (DCS) – without compromising either safety or security. The Tricon Communications Module (TCM) offers support for communications integration via industry-standard protocols. To date, the TCM incorporates an embedded OPC server and Modbus TCP/IP together with safe peer-to-peer and other standard Triconex features. In addition, the TCM supports full TCP/IP and routing functions for use with LANs and WANs. To help ensure safety, the TCM acts as a layer that isolates the Tricon safety system from control network and private LAN nuisances. The TCM itself is designed to degrade safely and recover gracefully. Support for redundant connections helps ensure that there will be no “loss of view” of the safety system from the DCS.

Air Heater Baskets

Paragon Air Heater Technologies has just introduced replacement air heater baskets as the latest offering in its product line for power plant performance enhancement. Paragon’s ridged quality control and precise chemical specifications for raw materials will result in extended air heater basket life, and improved performance in the customer’s power plant. The introduction of the air heater basket line also sets the stage for the 2006 release of Paragon’s patented DuraShield coated baskets, specifically designed to eliminate air heater corrosion and plugging problems brought on by the installation of SCR systems.
Paragon Airheater Technologies

Swing Check Valve

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Asahi/America Inc. recently introduced its upgraded Swing Check Valve that is ideal for use in power plants, landfills and water and wastewater treatment plants. The enhanced valve features a top bonnet O-ring seal design, which allows for improved pressure rating performance when using elastomeric seal materials. This top-entry bonnet design also facilitates maintenance. The upgraded Swing Check Valve enables users to achieve higher pressure ratings, while maintaining a top-entry bonnet design to allow in-line maintenance. It is available in ¾ inch to 8 inch sizes and is rated for full vacuum service.
Asahi/America Inc.

Energy Pricing Book

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PennWell Books recently published “Surviving Energy Prices,” written by Peter Beutel. The book explains the world of energy risk management in a conversational style perfectly suited for those who suddenly find themselves in the energy business, as well as more seasoned professionals. “Surviving Energy Prices” was written to help readers understand how to survive volatile and changing energy prices in a world where almost every event can change the bottom line for almost any entity. The author uses his years of experience in the energy industry to distill the topic into a very understandable reference that can be read – and comprehended – in an evening. The book includes an easy-to-read section on making and interpreting price charts.
PennWell Books

Energy Monitoring System

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Sierra Instruments Inc. has released its new Innova-Mass Model 240 energy monitoring system (EMS) multivariable vortex mass flow meter for energy monitoring applications. This flow meter calculates energy consumption, delivers a real time output signal of the energy consumed within the facility (e.g., BTU or joules) over a period of time, and is suitable for water and steam heating and cooling applications. The 240 EMS provides selectable energy units of BTU, joules, calories, giga Calories, Wh, MWh, and HP-hour. The instrument features a local display to indicate two temperatures, delta T, mass total and energy total. The instrument utilizes an internal RTD and a secondary RTD in a remote junction box.
Sierra Instruments Inc.

Flow Meter

Fluid Components International’s new CM Series Coriolis Flow Meters provide high accuracy flow measurement in larger line sizes up to 12 inches and flow rates to 80,000 lbs/min (2,200 metric tons/hr). They are well suited for applications in harsh, corrosive fluids requiring exotic materials-all now achievable for the first time in a standard product line. The CM Series design includes a leading edge Coriolis flow sensor and superior mechanical isolation to eliminate vibration effects, enhance measurement accuracy and minimize installation cost. The new CM flow sensor’s thick pipe wall construction can withstand pressures as high as 13,000 psig (900 bar). In applications where there is a danger of the fluid solidifying into a no flow state or where heat is needed to maintain flow, the CM series employs an internal heat tubing array, which improves efficiency and saves space over the typical bulky external heat blanket technique commonly used by other devices.
Fluid Components International

Differential Pressure Indicator

Mid-West Instrument’s new Model 522 differential pressure indicator switch is a diaphragm type unit that features complete high to low side isolation, making it ideal for low flow monitoring of heat exchangers in geothermal applications. The 522 features a maximum static pressure of 1,000 psig (69 bar), a maximum differential over-range pressure of 200 psid (13.89 bar) and differential pressure ranges of 0-5 to 0-50 psid with ±5 percent full-scale accuracy. Body materials are aluminum or stainless steel with stainless steel, ceramic and acetal (polymer) moving parts. The 522 unit is available with one or two field adjustable hermetically sealed reed switches in SPST configuration.
Mid-West Instrument

Flow Sensor

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Turck has introduced a new self-contained, fully programmable sensor that monitors both flow and temperature. The Digital Read Out (DRO) flow sensor is the latest addition to Turck’s extensive series of in-line flow sensors, and features a highly visible, three-digit display that can alternate between flow rate and media temperature. In addition to an adjustable on-and-off delay feature, the DRO allows the user to program setpoints specific to an application and has an adjustable filter to smooth out erratic flow conditions. DRO sensors are designed to operate with media such as water, glycol and other fluids. It is a solid-state device that operates on the calorimetric principle, resulting in a sensor with no moving parts that can break or become lodged in the pipeline. This technology, combined with the sensor’s in-line mounting, allows the DRO to perform in demanding applications without concern for flow restriction or application downtime.
Turck Inc.

Modular Construction Hoist

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Alimak Hek recently unveiled its Scando 650 for both construction and permanent access. A fully modular vertical transport solution, the Alimak Scando 650 hoist offers a high level of flexibility, as it is available in various configurations offering different doors and gates, drive units, speeds (up to 65 m/min) and payload capacities. The three available motors, which drive the system through a high efficiency gearbox, provide more hoist power while using as much as 40 percent less power than previous Scando models. Available in single- or twin-car configurations, the Scando 650 offers payloads of 1,500 to 3,200 kg/car and has a standard maximum lifting height of 400 meters, which can be increased upon request.
Alimak Hek

Pump Comparison Software

seepex Inc. has introduced a new computer program that calculates the savings realized when users switch from an air-operated double diaphragm pump to an electrically operated progressive cavity pump. The program is available in Visual Basic for personal computers running Microsoft Windows 98 or higher, or for PDAs that run Palm OS 3.1 or higher. The program is free and can be e-mailed as a file or sent as a CD.
seepex Inc.

Bearing Housings

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SKF “SNL” split plummer block bearing housings mount quickly to pre-assembled shafts and promote proper bearing lubrication, longer bearing life and reduced maintenance. These two-piece rugged assemblies can handle heavy radial loads in applications such as fans and blowers, conveyors and other equipment. They can be installed by attaching housing bases to the base plate, placing housing caps in position, and tightening the attachment bolts. Users can choose between two- or four-bolt base mounting slots for attaching SNL housings to an application. Standard SNL cast iron housings can accommodate shaft diameters from 20mm to 160mm and the product line incorporates a wide range of sizes, bearing arrangements, seals, type of lubrication, and other options able to satisfy most typical application requirements.

Intelligent Sootblower

Clyde Bergemann recently announced the global launch of its new solution for superheater cleaning. SMART Helix is an innovative, intelligent retractable sootblower that offers dynamic helix and lance rotation, and flexible blowing pressure. It allows operators to control the frequency, speed and pressure of the equipment, enabling selective cleaning, acting even on the toughest residue for visibly improved results. The unique SMART Helix design gives operators the ability to fully optimize on-load cleaning operations in the superheater area. This leads to enhancements in boiler efficiency and significant savings in operational costs. The system allows operators to clean where and when required, and determine the intensity of the cleaning process.
Clyde Bergemann

Electronic Diaphragm Pump

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Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc. has added new liquid-end options to its line of Series PZ Electronic Diaphragm pumps. Now available are Kynar (PVDF) and 316SS liquid ends, in addition to the original PVC and acrylic models. The Series PZ pulse-metering pump is ideal for accurate, reliable injection of a wide range of liquid materials, including chemicals. The patented PZ pump operates at the same flow rate and accuracy on any single-phase voltage from 94 VAC to 264 VAC. Kynar (PVDF) models are available with choice of EPDM, Viton or Teflon seals. Stainless steel liquid ends have EPDM seals as standard; other seals are available by special order. The Kynar/EPDM and 316SS/EPDM heads on the PZ/PZi-31 models (11.4 gpd) have a discharge pressure of 220 psi for boiler chemical injection including amine.
Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc.

Electrochemical Sensor Instrumentation

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Hach Ultra Analytics has introduced new instrumentation for its Orbisphere 410 and 510 electrochemical sensors, used in many industries for oxygen, ozone and hydrogen measurement. The Orbisphere 510 instruments provide data storage of up to 10,000 measurements and 1,000 last user actions. Information on the last 50 calibrations is also logged. All data can be downloaded for further analysis through RS485, USB or Ethernet connections. Internal diagnostics provide the user with system status information and calibration, and service reminders to simplify instrument maintenance. Wall-mounted, panel and tabletop versions are available. All versions of the 510 employ a full color touch screen and intuitive software providing multi-level password protection. The Orbisphere 410 version, available as wall or panel versions, stores up to 1,000 measurements. Information on the last 10 calibrations is logged. All versions of the 410 employ a monochrome touch screen.
Hach Ultra Analytics

Intelligent Drives

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Best-in-class motor control for up to 700 HP motors is now available in the new Telemecanique Altivar 71 variable speed AC drive from Schneider Electric. Dual microprocessors and motor control algorithms provide superior torque performance and speed regulation. Advanced materials reduce the drive’s size by 15 percent compared to previous generations. The operator-friendly design is evident in a large and easy-to-read, customizable LCD display that uses plain text words and features a navigation wheel that allows users to scroll through menus. The new Telemecanique drive family features a common user interface and options, from 0.5 to 700 HP. A quick-start menu incorporates macro-configurations for easy and fast commissioning. Integrated Modbus and CanOpen protocols assure low-cost integration into any device level network.
Schneider Electric

Remote Imaging System

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The Lenox VideoFlex Series is an easy-to-use, high-resolution, remote imaging system featuring four-way tip articulation and an integrated control/display hand piece with a 6.4-inch LCD display. The VideoFlex Series videoscope is well suited for inspection of turbines, tanks and vessels, tubing and pipes, and heat exchangers. It features a tight bending radius and a totally steerable four-way, 150 degree articulated tip that allows easy manipulation around corners, through pipe bends and past blockages. It is available in diameters of 0.236 inch and 0.330 inch, with lengths to 24.6 feet. The unit’s scope employs patented digital video technology and automated management of optimized video parameters ensuring a high definition image. Its advanced functions include video processor initialization (according to color temperature of light source used) and auto shutter activation.
Lenox Instrument Co.

Portable PQ Monitor and Recorder

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Astro-Med Inc. has introduced a new portable data acquisition and analysis recorder, engineered specifically for power quality analysis. Designated the Dash 8Xe, the unit supports up to eight channels of inputs for single- and three-phase power monitoring applications. Using custom software for power analysis, power events can be recorded and reviewed, with both real-time and post-capture data analysis. The Dash 8Xe captures data to an internal hard drive at a fixed sample rate of 6,250 Hz, which permits harmonic analysis up to the 50th harmonic. In transient mode, high-speed glitches and other anomalies are captured at a sample rate of 200 kHz per channel. The unit can log events in parallel with data recording, such as power interrupts, sags, swells, transients, frequency deviations, total harmonic distortion, individual harmonic, individual interharmonic and unbalance. In addition, power factor, absolute power, active power and reactive power can be logged.
Astro-Med Inc.

Float and Thermostatic Steam Trap

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Nicholson Steam Trap has introduced its FTE Series, high-capacity, float and thermostatic steam traps in sizes ½ inch to 2 inches, for pressures from 5 to 464 psi and temperatures to 850 F. The FTE Series float and thermostatic steam traps are available with cast iron, ductile iron or cast steel bodies. They offer stainless steel thermostatic elements that eliminate air binding; below condensate level seat design to prevent steam leakage; discharge capacity up to 31,000 gallons of condensate per hour; stainless steel float and lever mechanism for improved performance and prolonged steam trap service life; in-line reparability and resistance to water hammer and corrosion. The float and traps are available in several models and configurations.
Nicholson Steam Trap

Regulated 24V DC Power Supplies

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To enable customers to reliably and efficiently power their next-generation DC control systems, Weidmuller has introduced seven new regulated DC power supplies with enhanced features. These new regulated, 24V DC power supplies provide customers with reliable, space-efficient solutions to drive their higher-power demanding automation control panels. These systems include four new single-phase input 3A, 5A, 10A and 20 A/24V output power supplies, as well as three new three-phase input 10A, 20A and 40A/24 V output power supplies. Each new power supply includes an added “power boost” feature, which enables each power supply to withstand up to 130 percent of its rated current for up to five seconds, making it ideal for applications with inductive loads. They also include an internal built-in redundancy, and an alarm relay contact that simplifies trouble-shooting by providing instant visual indication of power supply shutdown or failure.

Remote Control Climbing Device

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ICM (International Climbing Machines Inc.) has launched a new video on its Web site that explains its new technology. The narrated video shows ICM’s small remote-controlled device climbing various surfaces and removing paint using a non-secondary waste generating method. The remote controlled device can climb virtually any surface type and it can climb over common surface obstacles, such as bolts, plates and conduit. The climber has an onboard mechanical abrader in a vacuum shroud so it can remove paint or contamination. It immediately vacuums up the material and sends it down a hose directly into a collection drum. The ICM device can climb, clean and capture, and transition from floor to wall by remote control. The technology is suitable for decontamination and paint removal.
International Climbing Machines Inc.

Heavy-Duty Lockgate

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Pebco Inc. recently announced that the Cleveland Armstrong patented Rolling Blade has been incorporated into its latest Heavy-Duty Lockgate (HDLG). The unit features double seals for optimum sealing; outboard bearings to assure internal to external sealing and longer bearing life; and a low number of cycles per minute to reduce gate wear. The HDLG is constructed of type 304 stainless steel and its entire weldment is enclosed and equipped with a bolted and sealed access cover. The gate blade is sealed with red silicone, which contacts the top edges of the curved gate blade. The patented cam action of the blade compresses the side seals for an extremely effective seal. The lockgate is used to meter collected material discharging from precipitators, cyclones or fabric filter systems. It is also used for discharging ash from fluid bed combustors and for feeding fuels.
Pebco Inc.

Safety Shutoff Valve

Parker Hannifin Alternative Energy Systems/Fuel Cell Business Unit, part of Parker Fluid Control Division, has introduced its new compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas (CNG/LNG) safety shutoff valve. It is available integrated with a high-pressure gas filter assembly or as a separate shutoff valve and is designed to predictably function for up to 20,000 hours before replacement. Available in 12 VDC and 24 VDC models, it features bubble-tight sealing and can handle service pressures up to 4,500 psig. The valve is constructed of 430F stainless steel for durability, and utilizes a proprietary orifice seat material. To meet the demands of natural gas applications, the valve has a burst pressure of 22,500 psi, and can withstand a maximum media and ambient temperature of 170 F.
Parker Hannifin Alternative Energy Systems

Valve Actuation Systems

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Flowserve Corp. has announced the launch of the Limitorque Actuation Systems L75 series of electric valve actuators. The L75 series uses state-of-the-art technology to provide remote control actuation of quarter-turn valves and other rotary devices, including on/off and modulating rotary valve applications. The L75 series adds a new dimension of operational dependability and flexibility to modern processes controlled by computers, programmable controllers, and other electric control equipment. Its multifunction capability permits the use of the L75 throughout the process for on/off, throttling, variable-cycle and any analog or digital control. Featuring either a split-phase capacitor AC-reversing motor or a DC motor, the L75 series drives a valve through a sealed, permanently lubricated gear train to offer a lifetime of virtually maintenance-free operation.
Flowserve Corp.

DIN Rail Mounted kWh Meters

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Automation Systems Interconnect Inc. (ASI) has announced the release of its new DIN Rail Mounted kWh meters. ASI’s kWh meters come in single, dual or three-phase format, and their fully electronic design requires no maintenance or calibration. These super-durable meters operate in a voltage range of 120/240V, 208Y120V, 480Y277V, and can withstand overvoltage of 600V for 48 hours. The meters are equipped with terminal covers that provide a tamper-resistant solution for sub-metering applications. These DIN rail mounted kWh meters have a maximum rated current of 60 A, and can operate at temperatures from -10 C to 60 C. They have superior sensitivity for low power applications, and their low power consumption minimizes utility energy losses. The kWh meters range in size (in mm) from 26 x 107 x 66 to 52 x 107 x 66, depending on the style. All of the meters can easily be mounted on the DIN rail, which reduces enclosure costs.
Automation Systems Interconnect Inc.

Resin Cleaning Process

Recirculation Technologies Inc. has announced a new, patent-pending process for its novel cleaning chemical and process, ReStore+, which removes organic foulants from anion ion exchange resins. In full-scale cleaning pilot programs, organically fouled anion resins cleaned with the new chemical and process had substantially better capacity and salt splitting capacity than those resins cleaned by a conventional brine and caustic treatment called a “brine squeeze.” The throughput of the anion resins doubled, thereby decreasing regenerant chemical usage by 50 percent.
Recirculation Technologies Inc.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

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Wahl Instruments Inc. has announced its new Heat Spy Thermal Imaging Cameras. The Wahl Heat Spy Imager ,when integrated with a pocket PC or PC, has the same ability as the expensive thermal imaging cameras to locate hot spots and indicate surface temperatures. In addition, it indicates the delta-T. The HSI laser points to the hot spot shown on the screen, identifying the problem and indicating the temperature. Temperature range and sensitivity can be set manually or automatically. Emissivity, temperature scale in F, C and K, color palette and image integration, can be set before and changed after taking a thermal picture. Each thermal picture, saved in memory, is automatically date and time stamped. The Heat Spy Imager is ergonomically designed, flexible, lightweight and easy to use. The standard camera has a 20-degree field of view and a temperature range of 14 F to 572 F. Cameras are also available in high accuracy, high temperatures up to 1,832 F, and for long distances with a 10-degree field of view lens.
Wahl Instruments Inc.

Coal Grinding Equipment

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Modern Process Equipment Corp. (MPE) has introduced the Activated Carbon Gran-U-Lizer that offers the latest in activated carbon grinding technology for achieving high yields (80 percent to 95 percent) on a wide range of target sizes. Unlike conventional grinding equipment, the Activated Carbon Gran-U-Lizer produces a narrow particle size distribution with fewer “fines,” resulting in higher yields and less screening. It handles all target ranges, and adjusts configuration in seconds, all at the touch of a button. MPE’s extensive product line ranges in capacity from 500 to 5,000 lbs/hr. The Activated Carbon Gran-U-Lizer targets many activated carbon applications, including coal.
Modern Process Equipment Inc.

Smart Particulate Emission Monitor

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FilterSense recently announced that it has incorporated automatic self checks and signal diagnostics to its continuous particulate emission monitor and baghouse leak detector to improve performance and to eliminate manual calibration audits as required by the U.S. EPA for MACT and CAM regulations of fabric filter dust collectors. The addition of smart sensing technology to the company’s induction-sensing and protected-probe technologies will also provide enhanced reliability over older opacity and triboelectric technologies, particularly in difficult coal-related applications. Benefits include EPA compliance, cleanup costs elimination, prevention of valuable powders escape and protection of downstream equipment such as blowers and HEPA filters.