Coal, Nuclear

China’s new five year plan to boost nuclear and renewables

19 October 2005 – The Central Committee of China’s Communist Party has called for the country’s next five-year plan to increase the development of nuclear, wind and solar energies.

The Communist Party also called for greater development of the country’s grid infrastructure to transmit more electricity from the west to the more economically developed east.

The proposal also suggested modernizing existing small and medium coalmines in order to increase the country’s coal production base. The recommendations to increase coal production and nuclear capacity are widely seen as a long-term goal to become less dependent on foreign fuel sources.

Chinese companies have been in talks since August discussing the potential of investing in uranium exploration and mining in Australia. The Australian government is expected to support the export of uranium to China once a safeguard agreement has been signed.

China’s next five year plan, the country’s eleventh, will run from 2006 until 2010.