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GE repowers LM2500 with DLE for European customer

14 October 2005 – GE Energy’s aeroderivative gas turbine services group will replace an existing LM2500 with a standard annular combustor (SAC) aeroderivative gas turbine with GE’s LM2500 turbine with a dry low emissions (DLE) combustor for the Crown van Gelder (CVG) N.V. Paper Mill in the Netherlands.

This is one of the first repowering projects in Europe in which environmental requirements transfer from SAC with steam injection (for NOx reduction) to DLE technology.

As part of the repowering of the power plant, GE Energy’s control solutions division will update the entire plant control system of the gas turbine generator set. The newer Mark VI model with fuel skid will replace the Mark II control system. GE Energy will also supply CVG with a Bently Nevada 3500 condition monitoring system to provide continuous, online monitoring.

The presently installed LM2500 SAC unit was commissioned and put into commercial operation in 1984 and has been running for more than 160 000 hours on full load.

“Our proven technology and past successes at the power plant were key reasons that CVG chose GE Energy to upgrade its power plant,” said Rick Stewart, president of GE Energy’s aeroderivative division.

The equipment is used in a combined-cycle plant and the heat recovery steam generator is producing HP-steam for the steam turbine. Backpressure steam is required for the paper mill. Excess electricity is sold to the grid. Total downtime activities for the upgrade are planned to take no longer than four weeks and the plant is scheduled to be ready for commercial operation again by mid-December 2005.

CVG is an independent paper manufacturer, listed on Euronext Next Prime Amsterdam and located on the North Sea Canal close to Velsen. It employs about 300 people and generates a turnover of €150m ($179m) annually. The company produces graphical and industrial specialties in the wood free uncoated paper sector.