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French order Centrax generator set

4 October 2005 – French company, SNPE Bergerac NC, is installing a new CX501-KB package with a Dry Low Emissions system from the UK’s Centrax.

Elyo Midi-ocean, the French energy company has ordered the 5.3 MWe indoor generator on behalf of SNPE Group, to replace an existing Centrax package installed in 1996.

Using the filtration and ductwork from the original installation, the new package will be powered by the latest KB7 turbine, providing heat and increasing power to the industrial site located in Bergerac in South West France. The factory is a world leader in the production of the industrial nitrocellulose, a primary component of products such as paint and nail varnish and heat output from the package will be used as an integral part of the manufacturing process.

With the installation of the unit, Elyo will be able to negotiate a 12-year electrical contract with EDF, the French electrical utility.