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Invensys to protect Ukrainian nuclear plant

29 September 2005 – Invensys Nuclear is to supply four safety controllers to the Rovno nuclear power plant at Kuznetsovsk in Ukraine, after it was awarded a contract by DICS Intertrade.

Rovno operates a Russian designed WER440 pressurized water reactor, which along with 14 other similar reactors provide over half of Ukraine’s electricity output.

Invensys will install its Tricon based cold overpressure protection system on each of Rovno’s two 400 MW reactor units. Such protection is necessary as pressurized water reactors are vulnerable to vessel damage when below normal operating temperatures.

Each of the two Rovno units has two power operated relief valves (PORVs) that are capable of working independently and each will be linked to a dedicated, electrically isolated and geographically separated Tricon controller. The four Tricons will monitor three temperature detectors in each of the six coolant loops and three primary system pressure transmitters, opening redundant PORVs to prevent pressure limits being exceeded.