Acta completes catalyst production facility

9 September 2005 � Anglo-Italian nanotechnology company Acta announced yesterday it had completed catalyst-manufacturing facilities in Lavoria, near Pisa in Italy. The 1000m2 factory enables Acta to manufacture up to 500kg of its revolutionary platinum-free catalyst designed for the fuel cell applications.

Acta announced its breakthrough in fuel-cell catalyst technology in May and claims a world first by offering a product that eliminates the need for high cost platinum for a wide variety of fuel cell applications. “Acta has launched a unique range of platinum-free catalysts for fuel cells, which allow the use of new fuels such as ethanol and ethylene glycol. Due to the high level of interest in this breakthrough technology the company has now installed sufficient capacity at the new facility to meet projected demand,” said CEO Toby Woolrych,

At this stage Acta is satisfying a large number of requests for sample catalysts for evaluation by OEMs and the new facility can accommodate global development needs. Acta expects the evaluation process to take a year and has plans to add further production lines to satisfy the anticipated form orders.

Acta has signed a distribution and marketing agreement with Japanese trading house Sumitomo who will be representing Acta in the all-important Japanese market.

Aside from using low-cost materials Acta’s family of catalysts work at low temperatures, enable the use of cheap and environmentally friendly fuels and solve other technical issues, raising the prospect of a more commercial uses for fuel cells in the mass market.