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REpower 5 MW turbines to power Borkum West offshore wind park

7 September 2005 – REpower Systems, one of three German manufacturers participating in the newly established “Foundation for Offshore Wind Energy”, is due to construct four REpower 5M turbines in a test field outside Borkum in 2007 and in the process become involved in an offshore wind park located in German waters for the first time.

The park will include a total of 12 turbines.

German Federal Minister for the Environment, J&uauml;rgen Trittin, granted official approval of the acquisition of the location rights for the test field to the foundation during a ceremony to be held in Berlin Tuesday.

The foundation was established to bundle the interests of as many participants in the offshore wind energy industry as possible. The foundation’s board of trustees is composed of manufacturers such as REpower, organisations and major energy providers, as well as institutions including the German Ministry of the Environment and representatives of the German coastal states.

The prototype of the REpower 5M is located in Brunsb&uauml;ttel (Northern Germany) near the river Elbe. The 5 MW turbine was developed particularly for offshore use. It has been running reliably since starting automatic operation in February and has been generating more than six million kilowatt hours of energy up to now.

“The future of wind energy is offshore. Thanks to the 5M, we are optimally
equipped to benefit from this development,” explains REpower’s CEO, Prof. Fritz
Vahrenholt. “We are also involved in the foundation because we want to and have to help ensure that the generation of wind energy for the future at sea moves
forward in Germany. We cannot allow protracted approval procedures to
jeopardize our competitiveness; thus the acquisition of the location rights at the
already approved test field represents an important first step as part of this process.”

Planning is expected to be concluded as quickly as possible, so as to allow
construction of the wind park to begin next year. The first turbines are due to be
connected to the grid in 2007.