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West Lorne BioOil cogen plant restarts

1 September 2005 – DynaMotive Energy Systems, the energy systems developing energy solutions based on its patented fast pyrolysis system, said Wednesday that the West Lorne BioOil pyrolysis plant has restarted operations following the shut down for maintenance in August.

The Company disclosed that start-up procedures began on August 25, and on August 30 the pyrolysis reactor was run at a feed rate of 60 per cent of the feedstock delivery system’s capacity. The plant is on schedule to be fully operational by the end of the summer.

Restarting of the plant follows the commissioning process of the West Lorne facility. Commissioning has involved extensive operational testing of the system, calibration of control systems, BioOil production and electricity delivery to the Ontario grid.

DynaMotive’s technology economically converts biomass into a renewable, environmentally friendly fuel. DynaMotive has successfully demonstrated conversion of these residues into fuel known as BioOil, as well as char.