Cinergy Upgrades on a Roll

Issue 9 and Volume 109.

Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control contracted Casey Industrial, Inc. to field erect and install two new electrostatic precipitators for Cinergy’s Cayuga Generating Station Units 1 and 2. Each of the precipitators is 40 feet deep, 80 feet wide, 10 stories tall and weighs 935 tons. Casey constructed the precipitator for Unit 1 adjacent to the existing 35-year-old electrostatic precipitators before installation, thus minimizing downtime for the generating unit. The 100-foot-tall structure was then moved from erection site to installation point by placing it on wheels and rolling it into position. Twenty-four hydraulic jacks on wheels were placed under each section. Each section required approximately 10 hours to be rolled into place. The first section was rolled 150 yards and the second section 200 yards. The dramatic procedure will be repeated in Spring 2006 when the second unit is “ready to roll.” Photo courtesy of Cinergy.

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