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UPS firm adds second Chinese plant

24 August 2005 – American Power Conversion (APC), the world’s largest UPS supplier, has invested in building a power equipment firm in the Tongji Garden, Xiamen Torch New and High-tech Development Area in east China’s Fujian Province, which will commence operation in October.

The firm, APC (Xiamen) Power Equipment Co. Ltd, the second of its kind built by APC in China, involves a total investment of $25m and a registered capital of $10m.

It is expected that the firm’s output value will be $30m in the first year of production rising to $150m in five years.

APC has plants in the US, Ireland, Switzerland, the Philippines, China, India, Brazil and other countries, and its products sell in more than 120 countries and regions in the world.

The Tongji Garden, where new APC firm is located, focuses on such industries as biological medicine, new materials, new energies, and environmental protection technology.