Latest Iran-Azerbaijan transmission line nearing completion

24 August 2005 – A 230 kW electricity transmission line that will export electricity from Iran to help meet Azerbaijan’s increased power demand has entered the test phase. When fully operational, the line will transmit up to 300 MW of energy between the two countries.

Iran traditionally exports electricity to Azerbaijan during its cold season and imports it in the warm season, when Iran experiences its peak consumption. However, a rise in demand from Azerbaijan led to the two countries agreeing to construct more transmission lines to expand their power sharing capacity.

The two ends of the new line will be connected as soon as the 19 km long stretch inside Azerbaijan has been completed. The project has so far cost Iran around Rials15bn ($1.6m).

Another transmission line between Iran and Azerbaijan has also been agreed upon. It will run from Poldasht in Azerbaijan to Shahtakhti in Iran.