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Texas highlights improved air emissions

4 August 2005 – Large investments in emission controls at coal fired power plants have resulted in significantly lower emissions over the last ten years, according to a series of academic studies released today.

Prepared by leading academic researchers and commissioned by The Clean Coal Technology Foundation of Texas, the studies demonstrate that the implementation of emission reduction technologies by the Texas electric utility industry has led to a reduction in the levels of nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and sulphur dioxides being emitted into the atmosphere.

According to Dr. Allen’s study, The Texas Ozone Report: Measuring Progress and Emission Reductions, Texas has made significant progress in reducing ground level ozone concentrations over the past 25 years.

Donna McDonald, administrative director of The Clean Coal Technology Foundation, said: “Despite huge increases in our State’s population and energy consumption, emissions from Texas coal based power plants providing our electricity have dropped significantly. Emerging technologies will allow these emissions to be further reduced.”

Since 1980, emissions of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide from coal fired power plants in the US have been reduced by 40 per cent while electricity generated from coal has increased by approximately 70 per cent.