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Taipower selects Invensys nuclear plant DCS upgrade

2 August 2005 – Invensys Process Systems announced Monday that Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) will implement I/A Series distributed control systems (DCS) from Foxboro for balance-of-plant control system upgrades for both units of the Maanshan Nuclear Power station located at PingTung County on the southern tip of Taiwan.

As part of the contract, Invensys Taiwan, a qualified Taipower supplier, will provide a range of professional services to assist Taipower with the controls modernization project.

The I/A Series systems replace obsolete analogue systems installed when the plant was built, modernizing the control schemes and overcoming increased maintenance and spare parts problems. Based on a high-speed Ethernet system backbone, the I/A Series system will control the condensate, make-up water, feedwater heater, steam reheat, cooling tower and other balance-of-plant processes at the Maanshan facility. Further, Invensys Taiwan will re-engineer the existing training simulation systems for the Maanshan station. Maanshan Units 1 and 2 are pressurized water reactors, each with a net capacity of 963 MW.

In addition to implementing I/A Series process automation, Invensys Taiwan will work closely with the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, a Taiwan government-owned organization, to provide nuclear QA certification and re-licensing for Maashan. Invensys Taiwan will also work with Taipower’s engineering, technical and operating personnel by providing a variety of services, including project management, engineering services, startup assistance and training programs.

The recent Invensys balance-of-plant controls contract with Taipower follows other Invensys projects for Taipower. Previously, Invensys won a significant order for upgraded I/A Series digital controls in Maashan’s nuclear steam supply systems, which included feedwater control and associated control for the primary and secondary steam processes for each unit. These projects were completed in 2003. That same year Invensys Taiwan provided seismic switch controls for the safety system at Maanshan, and for the safety systems at two other Taipower nuclear generating stations, Chinshan and Kuo-Sheng. These projects were followed by a digital upgrade for the feedwater control system at the Kuo-Sheng station.