Issue 8 and Volume 109.

Grease Dispensing and Transporting System

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Providing industry with a convenient way to handle, transport and dispose of grease, ExxonMobil has introduced its GOLD (Grease One-Way Logistics and Distribution) System. At the heart of GOLD System is the protective, Fluid-Bag Flexi container that holds up to 1,800 pounds of grease – the equivalent of nearly five typical grease drums – and prevents contaminants, such as air and water, from entering the container. Placed on top of an easy to maneuver transport pallet and stacking frame, the multilayered Fluid-Bag Flexi container functions much like a tube of toothpaste, gradually collapsing as grease is discharged through the automated dispensing unit. When the grease reservoir within the bag is used up, it is easy to dispose of the Fluid-Bag Flexi, eliminating the cost and effort of dealing with returnable drums or totes.

High-speed Motors

Direct Drive Systems (DDS), a recently formed subsidiary company of Calnetix LLC, is producing and servicing a new line of high-speed, high-power motors, generators and power electronics using a technology that allows the machines to turn up to 12 times faster than conventional motors. DDS has developed and successfully tested its Frame 2 (2 MW) product operating at 23,000 rpm. According to the manufacturer, the high-speed direct-drive units offer a number of benefits over gas turbines and conventional speed geared electric motors and generators, including lower up front equipment and installation costs; greater reliability and lower maintenance requirements (no gearbox); higher operating efficiencies; smaller size; and, significantly lower life cycle costs.
Direct Drive Systems Inc.

Dry Gas Seals Handbook

PennWell has announced the publication of Dry Gas Seals Handbook written by John S. Stahley. This new book explains how to make informed decisions regarding dry gas seal technology. Dry Gas Seals Handbook helps engineers, operators, maintenance personnel, purchasing personnel and technical management understand dry gas seals in nontechnical terms. The author presents all aspects of the application, operation and maintenance of dry gas seals and describes “lessons learned” from actual field experience. The book provides sections on the introduction and evolution of dry gas seals and tests the reader’s knowledge with case studies. Author John S. Stahley has a diversified background in the areas of engineering management, project management, commissioning management and project engineering. Stahley has authored and presented several technical papers on the subject of dry gas seals.
PennWell Books

Oil Purification System

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ISOPur Fluid Technologies Inc. recently completed development of the HR-Series oil purification system utilizing the patented Balanced Charge Agglomeration (BCA) technology. The HR-Series system is specifically designed to remove and prevent sludge and varnish buildup on critical machinery internals while ultra-purifying lubricating and hydraulic fluids. The system has an unmatched flow-rate of 20 gallons per minute. ISOPur’s BCA technology can reduce submicron contamination levels within lubricating and hydraulic fluids by up to 95 percent. In addition to hydraulic and lubricating oils, ISOPur’s technology has also been effective on cutting/machining oils, phosphate esters and vegetable oils, removing all types of particulate contaminants, including products of oxidation, carbon, silica, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and bacteria. The HR-Series is designed specifically for aggressive applications where there is a high level of contamination ingress, as well as for larger reservoir applications.
ISOPur Fluid Technologies

High Purity pH Sensor

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Hach has introduced the 8362sc High Purity Water pH/ORP Panel that improves online measurement accuracy. The 8362sc uses a self-pressurizing reference electrode to introduce a constant flow of electrolyte into the sample stream. This continuous delivery reduces electrolyte pulsations and offers unparalleled accuracy needed in high purity water applications. The all-stainless panel incorporates a junction box, flow meter and clear conductive flow chamber. The panel offers simple installation and no need to replenish electrolytes between annual electrode replacements.
Hach Company

Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzer

GE Industrial Sensing has introduced OxyTrak 390, the latest addition to its line of flue gas oxygen analyzers. The OxyTrak 390 brings advanced programming and communications, as well as simplified maintenance and calibration, to the proven and successful convection loop sampling system. The unit is designed for ex situ installations in dirty, rugged applications such as boilers, furnaces, rotary kilns and incinerators. The OxyTrak 390 features easy access to both oxygen sensor and calibration port, so the unit can be fully serviced while still in place. The advanced microprocessor-based electronics package features simple drop-down menu programming and enhanced communications capabilities. Optional remote control/display functionality is planned for release later in the year.
GE Industrial

Power Plant Control System

Siemens Power Generation (PG) has developed a new control system to enhance the cost effectiveness of power plant operation. The new system is called Siemens Power Plant Automation (SPPA) T3000. SPPA-T3000 combines high availability and reliability with the advantages offered by advanced IT technologies. Plant operators can benefit from the straightforward and user- and service-friendly design, while plant owners can benefit from the system’s low total cost of ownership and comprehensive communications capabilities. The new SPPA-T3000 system is specially tailored for the U.S. market. At the heart of the new SPPA-T3000 distributed control system is the Embedded Component Services technology. A consistent three-tier system architecture (with data tier, processing tier and presentation tier), which is linked to the Embedded Component Services, enables the plant-wide use of a software system that operates in concert with the continuously evolving Internet technology, thus providing accessibility to data from anywhere and via any computer.
Siemens Power Generation

Cold Shrink Splice Jacket

The new 3M cold shrink foldback splice jacket kit SJ-FB provides a continuous tube from cable jacket to cable jacket with no seams, providing excellent environmental seal and splice protection. It requires a shorter parking space than straight-line tubes, overcoming the problem of too little space in a ditch, manhole or vault. It is made of EPDM rubber that contains no chlorides or sulfurs. Four kit sizes cover an application range from 4 AWG, 15kV to sizes larger than 1,000 kcmil, 35kV. The kit includes Scotch rubber mastic tape 2228, which provides an excellent environmental seal between the cable jacket and the foldback jacket tube. Mastic strips, also included in the kit, are used around the optional external ground conductor.
3M Electrical Markets Division