Californian college energy scheme saves district money

21 July 2005 – Two colleges in California have together completed the installation of more than 780 kW of solar electric and energy efficient cogeneration projects that will save the district around $800 000 per year.

Both Foothill and De Anza colleges have installed moving solar panelled parking structures that track the sun. These installations, along with prior improvements to lighting, air conditioning and energy management systems, will reduce the district’s electricity purchases by 46 per cent, more than 11 million kWh annually.

The projects were designed, engineered and constructed by Chevron Energy Solutions, part of the ChevronTexaco Corporation. Jim Davis, president of the wholly owned subsidiary, said: “As a result of these improvements, the district is able to significantly reduce its electricity purchases while helping the environment.”

The $5.1m total cost of the cogeneration and solar projects was offset by $2m in rebates from the state of California. Part of the remainder will be paid from the energy savings resulting from the new equipment.