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Scottish Renewable Energy Companies’ Technology Solutions to be Discussed at G8 Summit

1 July 2005 (Business Wire) — Global climate change and viable solutions will be on the agenda at this year’s G8 Summit to be held July 6-8. One promising area of renewable and sustainable energy sources, marine energy, can be found in Scotland, where the conference is located.

Approximately 13 percent of Scotland’s electricity comes from renewable energy sources. Regions that house marine energy companies include Solway Firth in Southwest Scotland, where there is a tidal range of 5.5 meters, and Pentland Firth, considered the standard for marine energy because of its powerful marine currents. Scottish companies, universities and organizations such as Ocean Power Delivery, Robert Gordon University and the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) are at the forefront of discovering new solutions and methods of harnessing marine energy.

“Scottish marine energy companies continue to find innovative solutions that can be applied globally,” said, Lorna Jack, Director, Americas. “In fact, it is estimated that 34 percent of the United Kingdom’s electricity demand could be generated by marine currents.”

At 59.1 GW, Scotland’s potential renewable resources are vast. Scotland’s domestic electric energy requirement is approximately 10.5 GW, enabling great potential for exporting of sustainable energy to areas in need, including parts of Africa – also a key focus at this year’s summit.

“Thanks to our marine energy industry, we are on target of having 18 percent of Scottish electricity coming from renewable sources by 2010,” said Jack. “Initiatives such as the EMEC, the world’s first marine test center and Robert Gordon University’s development of the Snail, a prototype turbine platform used for generating marine energy, have permitted Scotland to excel in renewables and to be a model for industrialized nations across the globe.”

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