Coal, Nuclear

Taiwan to up coal use, decrease nuclear by 2020

27 June 2005 — Coal use is increasing dramatically across virtually all regions of the world experiencing rapid economic growth, and Taiwan is no exception. Taiwan now projects that coal will become the country’s single largest source of energy by the year 2020 – estimated to be meeting more than 40 percent of Taiwan’s total energy supply by that time. The national projections conclude that petroleum will be the second largest source by 2020, supplying more than 30 percent of the country’s energy needs followed by natural gas (14 percent to 18 percent) nuclear (7 percent), and renewables (4 percent to 6 percent).

Taiwan’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Ho Mei-yueh, said the country’s energy ministry has made the decision to increase energy reliance on coal given that existing global coal reserves are estimated to be capable of supplying world consumption for some 200 years – far longer than petroleum reserves can. Ho said Taiwan will adopt a clean coal strategy to decrease pollution in response to global calls to reduce carbon emissions. The country’s energy ministry also says it will continue a decrease in the use of nuclear power, gradually phasing it out entirely.