Yunan to export power to Thailand

21 June 2005 – Yunnan Power Grid Corporation says it plans to start transmitting electricity to Thailand by the end of the year.

Thailand and Yunan Province have decided to step up the procedures of the work to start transmitting electric power to Thailand during the Tenth Five-Year Plan period (2001- 2005) after a recent negotiation between the two sides, said Zheng
Waisheng, deputy director of the department of strategic study and planning and development of the Yunnan Power Grid Corp.

According to the original plan, a 500-volt power transmission project will transmit 1.5 GW from China to Thailand annually in the 2013-2014 period, and finally to bring the transmission volume to 3 GW.

Zheng said that the key issue at the present time for the two sides is to sign a long-term power purchase agreement after bilateral negotiation.

Besides transmitting power to Thailand and Vietnam, Yunan has also conducted cooperation in electric power with neighbouring countries such as Myanmar and Laos, which have rich resources of hydropower.