Elsam designs Danish straw plant

14 June 2005 – After numerous delays Elsam has started to design a straw fired plant on Fynsvaerket, Denmark, with a view to commissioning it in 2008.

Niels Bergh-Hansen, Elsam’s CEO, said: “It has been a long and tough process to reach a solution which is acceptable to agricultural undertakings, Odense municipality and Elsam.”

The project proposal will be sent to the Danish Energy Agency by the end of October 2005 for approval. Bergh-Hansen said the proposal had complied with the biomass agreement introduced in 1993.

Elsam stated that the Danish Energy Agency has promised to take the initiative at changing the regulation to ensure that Elsam has acceptable business conditions to operate the plant.

The chairman of the Danish straw suppliers, Hans Stougaard, said: “We have waited far too long for this decision and would have appreciated that a decision had been made by 1 January this year. But now we have to look ahead, and we trust that the dates will no longer be moved.”

The new plant would use up to 150 000 tonnes of straw per year.