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VA Tech Hydro’s first quarter orders up by 20 per cent

6 June 2005 – VA Tech Hydro has raised its order intake to €269m ($329m) in the first quarter of 2005, up 20 per cent from the €225m it recorded in the first quarter of 2004.

A statement from VA Tech Hydro read: “In Europe, the positive trend towards the installation of pumped storage power stations is continuing, while the North American market is steady.”

VA Tech listed the South American and African markets as heading toward stagnation, while China is showing sizeable growth rates on the back of strong power demand growth.

The first quarter results were detailed as VA Tech Hydro announced it had secured a further €84m worth of contracts.

The US Army Corps of Engineers has placed a €55m order with VA Tech for the complete mechanical refurbishment of the Orzak power plant in Little Rock, Arkansas. The contract, which should be completed by 2012 at the latest, includes the renewal of five 23 MW Kaplan-S turbines.

In a €29m order from Switzerland, VA Tech will complete a new plant for the Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern AG power station in Thierfehd. Under the terms of the contract, VA Tech will supply, install and start-up, by mid 2008, a four phase, reversible pump turbine with an output of 141 MW.

The statement commented on the new Swiss power plant: “[It] underlines the current trend in the hydropower sector, particularly in the European market, towards the cover of demand peaks and the securing of network stability by means of pumped storage power plants.”