UCTE reliability standards become binding

13 May 2005 – Security and reliability standards in the European grid are expected to improve after a final agreement was reached during the Union for the Coordination of Transmission of Electricity’s (UCTE) General Assembly on 12 May.

The Multilateral Agreement, which is set to come into force by 1 July 2005, is the second building block of the UCTE security package.

During the meeting held in Rome, the 33 members of the UCTE interconnected system agreed to bind themselves to a set of security and reliability standards, in what the UCTE regard as the best operational practice on the continent.

UCTE president, Martin Fuchs, said: “UCTE is thus achieving a major first step towards an adequate security of supply.”

Under the terms of the legally binding agreement, the UCTE transmission system operators will all contribute to ensure an adequate security of supply in the UCTE system.