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Bosnian Serbs to proceed with hydro project

29 April 2005 – The Bosnian Serb government is to go ahead with the construction of the Buk Bijela 300 MW hydroelectric power plant, the country’s economy, energy and development minister, Miladin Gligoric, has said.

Gligoric said at a news conference that the decision was made following the decision of the Montenegrin government to abandon further activities in connection with the construction of the hydroelectric power plant. “With regard to this, the government today reached a decision on the construction of the Buk Bijela hydroelectric power plant which will have a capacity of 300 MW and will be built solely on Serbian Republic territory,” Gligoric stressed.

Gligoric pointed out that the government has asked companies who were interested in constructing this hydroelectric power plant to put in their bids for the construction of a smaller capacity hydroelectric power plant. He said two companies had expressed a positive interest, not specifying which.

Gligoric said he expected that the construction of the hydroelectric power plant “in the best-case scenario” would begin within eight months, as four to six months were needed to partially amend the hydroelectric power plant feasibility study and the study on environmental protection.

The large-scale project will tap the energy resources of the Piva and Tara rivers but is expected to face opposition on environmental grounds.