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Italian marine turbine pilot project heads to China

28 April 2005 – The Italian based company Ponte di Archimede is to set up a pilot Kobold turbine plant that will harness marine energy in China’s Strait of Jintang.

The site in the Zhoushan Archipelago will house the turbine after initial field research was conducted on a platform in the Strait of Messina in Italy. The pilot project is being developed together with the Institute of Energy Conversion of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It will be ready to launch in November 2005.

Rotor mounted on a vertical shaft, the turbine is able to convert kinetic energy from marine currents into mechanical rotor energy with a high rendering. Also, the high torque enables spontaneous starting without the need for an ignition device.

Initially conceptualized in 1995, the first pilot plant was developed in Italy in 2001. In its current state, the system has an efficiency level of around 23 per cent.