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Ontario catches more wind potential

27 April 2005 – The government of Ontario, Canada has issued a Request For Proposals for renewable energy as part of its commitment to provide five per cent of Ontario’s electrical capacity from green sources by 2007. The government also highlighted its intent to double this 1350 MW to ten per cent by 2010.

Robert Hornung, Canadian Wind Energy Association president, said: “We are extremely pleased that the government has taken this step and that commitments are in place to seek even more wind energy in the future.”

The request for proposals follows the Ontario government’s first drive in the third quarter of 2004, where it selected five wind projects totalling 355 MW.

Wind energy is the fastest growing source of electricity worldwide, with an annual growth rate of over 30 per cent over the past five years. Canada’s installed wind energy capacity of 444 MW provides enough power to meet the electricity needs of approximately 150 000 homes.