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VA Tech to build combined cycle cogen plant for Bucharest

21 April 2005 – VA Tech Hydro has secured a major contract for the construction of a gas combined cycle heat and power plant in Bucharest, Romania. The €135m ($177m) contract, which was prepared bilaterally between Austria and Romania over a period of several years, was awarded by SC Electrocentrale Bucuresti SA. The financing partner is the Société Général.

The new project represents an enlargement of the existing Bucuresti Vest plant. The resulting improvement in overall efficiency enhances the security of supply of both electricity and heating to the Romanian capital. At the same time, sustainable gas firing technology greatly reduces atmospheric emissions. The CO2 emissions from a combined-cycle power plant are only a third or a quarter of those emitted by coal-fired equivalents. The extremely short construction period of less than 30 months also facilitates rapid return on investment.

The scope of supply for VA Tech Hydro includes the complete electrical systems and instrumentation and control, all auxiliary plant units such as gas supply and the entire structural engineering.