Capstone Turbine wins 3.2 MW of microturbine orders

19 April 2005 – The European sales and service office of Los Angeles-based manufacturer of microturbine energy systems Capstone Turbine announced Monday follow-on orders from distributors in Italy and in Russia amounting to 3.2 megawatts of its 60-kW microturbine products.

Capstone’s distributor in Russia, BPC Energy, has issued an order for 1.8 megawatts of self-starting, stand-alone microturbine power systems to be deployed at a prestigious ski resort near St. Petersburg. The microturbines will be the sole source of power and heat for a luxury hotel and other facilities of the remote, off-grid resort. The array is anticipated to be online later this year in time for the ski resort’s high season.

“Over the last couple of years, BPC Energy has commissioned a number of Capstone combined heat and power systems in Russia at businesses ranging from banking to telecommunications to manufacturing,” Tony Hynes, Capstone’s Vice-President of Sales & Service, said from Capstone’s European office. “After great success at those sites, we’re very pleased that BPC will be creating one of the world’s largest arrays of microturbines at this exclusive resort.”

Additionally, BPC Energy will install approximately half a megawatt of dual mode (auto-switching grid parallel/grid-independent) C60s for combined heat and power (CHP) at a large hotel in Moscow.

In Italy, Capstone distributor Integrated Building Technologies (IBT) has ordered approximately one megawatt of Capstone Integrated Combined Heat and Power (ICHP) systems for deployment at several different facilities, including a fitness center, two hotels, a nursing home, a school and a large retailer of home furnishings.

“IBT has been gaining traction with several Capstone-based CHP and CCHP (combined chilling, heating and power) projects operating in Italy,” said Mark Aramli, Capstone’s Vice-President of Sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “This latest order is an indication of the growing success that IBT is seeing in exercising their business plan.”

Commenting on these new orders, Capstone CEO John Tucker said: “We’ve long seen Europe as a market with strong potential. The development by Capstone and its distributors there is clearly beginning to pay off with repeatable business opportunities.”