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Scotland warned over energy supply

18 April 2005 – Scotland is faced with the prospect of power cuts in the near future unless steps are taken to secure an internal power supply, according to the UK’s largest energy union.

The union, Amicus, warned that several factors including the European Carbon Emissions Trading Directive and the European Large Combustion Plant Directive, which will cut the lifespan of power stations, could result in blackouts as soon as 2006.

John Quigley, Amicus regional secretary, said: “The impact of European legislation must be thoroughly investigated and the proper measures must be taken to make sure Scotland can play its part in reducing carbon emissions without turning the lights out.”

Amicus is calling for the massive investment required for a balanced energy strategy, as without it, the union fear that Scotland will not be able to guarantee an uninterrupted power supply.

Quigley said: “The debate has to take place and we must consider all the options including renewables, gas and oil, clean coal technology and nuclear. It is not enough to rely on gas supplies from unstable countries.”

The energy union highlighted that the UK’s reliance on gas imports has grown while it recently became a net importer of oil for the first time in 13 years.