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Solar experiment to power homes in Australia

7 April 2005 – Landcom and BP Solar have combined forces on a new project in New South Wales, Australia, which will aim to enhance the use of solar power in residential developments.

The $184 000 initiative has received backing from the Australian Greenhouse Office, which has provided a $77 000 grant towards implementing the scheme under the Photovoltaic Rebate Programme.

The 16 energy efficient homes, to be built at Second Ponds Creek in Blacktown, will be fitted with solar panels to generate 16 kW of power, equivalent to 40 per cent of their annual electricity requirements.

BP’s solar power systems will be installed at different angles and in different locations on each property and then monitored to evaluate the benefit to the local electricity grid during times of peak demand. To encourage conservation, ‘smart’ meters will be installed in each home to enable residents to see how much electricity is being used at any given time and what it costs.

Construction is expected to start in December 2005. The solar systems have an expected lifetime in excess of 20 years.