PDVSA, Cadafe to build 300 MW thermo plant in Venezuela

6 April 2005 – Venezuela’s state oil firm PDVSA and state-owned transmission and distribution firm Cadafe will jointly build a new 300MW thermoelectric plant to supply PDVSA’s refining facilities in the western state of Falcón, according to a report from Business News Americas.

PDVSA president and energy and oil minister Rafael Ramírez told reporters Monday that Investment in the project will be some $500mn. No details were given about when construction would commence.

Ramírez blamed unreliable electricity supply for the recent troubles at PDVSA’s CRP refinery complex, which was completely shutdown last week due to a power failure and is slowly coming back on line this week.

“Obsolete, very old machines were servicing Amuay [one of the three refineries that make up CRP],” Ramírez said.

As Ramírez was explaining CRP’s electricity woes at a meeting in Falcón state, the lights went out in the room and the minister, Falcón governor Jesús Montilla and hydrocarbons vice minister Bernard Mommer sat in the dark for several minutes, before the emergency generator kicked in.

After power was restored, Ramírez said it is clear that a new generator is needed “to supply the electric requirements of the refinery and the region.”

Not only Amuay and CRP will benefit from the new plant, but also the people from the city of Punto Fijo and other areas of Falcón. “The new PDVSA cares about the people that live around its facilities,” Ramírez said.

PDVSA and Cadafe subsidiary Eleoriente have previously teamed up in a project to build two substations in Anzoátegui state.