Iraqi electrical engineers to train in the UK

4 April 2005 – A British company based in Nottinghamshire is helping to train Iraqi engineers to rebuild their country’s electricity network as part of a $10m contract awarded by the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity.

Empower training services, based at Ratcliffe-on-Soar, was selected to run the courses by another Nottinghamshire company, TQ Training and Education of Long Eaton.

Around 140 male and female engineers will be flown to the UK in small groups to take part in two courses.

A three-week course will provide an overview of the British electricity industry and will explain how power is produced and distributed in the UK. The second course, lasting 11 weeks, will provide the engineers with training skills enabling them to pass on their knowledge to colleagues and other technical staff once they return to Iraq.

The groups will be based at Empower’s training centre, which is equipped with classrooms, conference rooms, workshops and power station simulators. They will also be taken to visit electricity supply companies, power stations and equipment manufacturers.

Much of Iraq is still suffering from frequent power cuts in the aftermath of the recent conflict, although major projects are now underway to reconstruct power stations, substations and the network of gridlines used to distribute power across the country.