Solar arrays whet wine company’s palette

23 March 2005 – The Wine Service Cooperative, a wine storage and distribution company, has commissioned a 424 kW solar electric system for its Napa Valley facilities.

Two solar electric systems, 195 kW and 229 kW, are to be installed atop the company’s St. Helena and South Napa facilities before the third quarter 2005.

Generating enough electricity to power over 400 homes, the solar arrays will provide 100 per cent of the facilities’ annual energy needs, substantially reducing operating costs.

Christopher Dearden, president of the board of directors, said: “Generating clean, renewable energy makes sense for both environmental and economic reasons.”

The PowerLight tilted roof system commissioned by the Wine Service Cooperative, features modules with a ten-degree tilt to maximize exposure to Napa’s abundant sunshine. The photovoltaic roofing assembly generates clean solar electricity, protects the roof from the damaging effects of weather and UV radiation, and is installed without penetrating the roof surface.

The solar arrays, which consist of 2125 solar modules manufactured by Sharp, will cover a total of 3530 square metres.