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Siemens expands research cooperation with Helmholtz Association

23 March 2005 – Siemens AG has extended and expanded its research agreement with the Helmholtz Association of National Research Centres in an effort to develop new technologies.

Norbert Koenig, member of the group executive management of Siemens, said at the contract signing, “The ability to implement innovative technologies will be the decisive factor in the future for the successful companies and economies. Only with new, creative products and services can we prevail in the face of stiff competition.”

The new expanded agreement between the two partners will focus on the development of superconductors, fuel cells and membranes, the aerodynamics of turbomachinery, gas turbine combustion technology, material systems for power plant components and CO2 free power plant technologies.

With 15 research centres and annual budget of €2.2bn ($2.9bn) the Helmholtz Association is Germany’s largest research institution.