Power privatization advances in Oman

23 March 2005 – Laws past in Oman last August which are in the process of being implemented are set to drive privatisation of the water and power sector in Oman and open more opportunities for private investors, Robert Bryniak, chief executive of Oman’s Power and Water Procurement Company said Monday.

Speaking at a power and water conference in Abu Dhabi, Bryniak said that the independent Authority for Electricity Regulation, Oman has been set up and vested with rights and powers. “The new legislation in place will drive forward privatisation covering all aspects of the power and water sector. While plans are underway to privatise the distribution and transmission side of this sector, Oman will not privatise power and water procurement,” he told delegates.

Bryniak announced Oman is setting up another new IWPP and selling off the Al Rusail Power Company. The brownfield Al Rusail Power plant, located in the Rusail Industrial Estates, has capacity of 687.5 MW.

“The creation of a new IWPP will be combined with the sale of Rusail and possibly for expanding it. So there are immediate opportunities for investments in IWPPs in Oman,” he said.

The new IWPP is expected to have power generation capacity of 400 to 600 MW and 20 million gallons per day of water. “The location of the plant is yet to be finalised but early power will be available in 2008.”