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Mercury emission monitors launched

22 March 2005 – Cemtrex has launched a new product line of mercury emission monitors to be used for measuring mercury emission from power plants just a week after new federal guidelines on mercury emissions were introduced in the US.

Data on mercury emissions is needed for mercury emissions trading and to comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

On March 15, 2005 EPA issued its ruling to reduce mercury emissions from power plants through a cap-and-trade system that allows power plants to buy and sell mercury emission on a national level. The rule calls for a cap of mercury emissions at 38 tons per year from power plants by 2010 – down from 48 tons at present. As a result of this ruling power plants must first monitor their emissions and then decide to reduce their emissions either through trading or through purchase of mercury reduction equipment.

“According to market sources, the mercury emissions are likely to trade at more than $1 million/ton,” said Aron Govil, Chief Executive Officer of the Company. “Therefore, a redundant mercury monitoring system costing approximately $250,000 would be very cost-effective to a customer if it prevents the loss of 0.3 tons of credits over its lifetime.”

Cemtrex is engaged in manufacturing and selling instruments and other monitoring systems to measure atmospheric concentrations of hazardous gases, certain biological agents and other toxins. The Company’s products are sold to power plants, refineries and other industries, and governmental agencies, and are a vital part of emissions trading.