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Endesa to triple its renewable capacity by 2009

14 March 2005 – Endesa is to add a further 2224 MW of wind power to its generation portfolio, in plans that will see it triple its renewable portfolio by 2009.

Between 2005 and 2009, Endesa is to build some 2224 MW of wind power, 78 MW in mini hydro plants, 102 MW in solid waste and biomass fuelled plants and 39 MW of cogeneration capacity. The company’s plan to triple its current level of gross renewable energy will see it add a further 2410 MW by 2009.

The news comes a week after the World Wind Energy Association confirmed that Spain was the world leader in terms of new wind installations while raising questions as to whether growth was slowing in the wind sector’s established markets.

Endesa has earmarked €286m ($382m) for the creation of new wind farms and mini hydro plants in 2005, with a total capacity of 277 MW.