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Only three countries make EU’s emissions deadline

4 March 2005 – Most EU nations have missed the deadline to submit details of their allocation of emissions allowances, delaying full implementation of the EU’s carbon emissions trading scheme.

All member states were to have completed registries detailing the allowances of those participating in the scheme by the end of February. However, the Commission revealed that so far only Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands had posted the emissions registries online as required.

Although the Commission has approved 21 countries’ national allocation plans, before the registries can be uploaded to the internet, state allocations must be checked to ensure that they have remained in line with the approved plans.

Peter Vis, acting head of the Commission’s industrial emission unit, told Reuters, “A member state who wants to put allowances in its registry accounts has to come to the Commission with a table of quantities in its allocation plan.”

While many countries are still haggling over allocations, the delays are not thought to be undermining confidence in emissions trading scheme. Olivia Hartridge, a Commission administrator, said “We would expect a reasonable number of additional registries to go on line in the next few weeks.”