RAO UES visit China to discuss Energy Bridge

3 March 2005 – China has restarted negotiations with RAO UES, Russia’s electricity monopoly, over plans to build a power transmission line between the two countries, according to a report in the International Herald Leader. reported, citing sources from the Russian embassy in Beijing.

Citing sources in the Russian Embassy in Beijing, the report says that total investment in the proposed 2600 km power transmission line that would run from Bratsk power station at Irkutsk to China via Mongolia, is $2-3bn.

Beijing, Tangshan in northern Hebei province or Shenyang in the northeast will be chosen as the line’s terminus, the report said.

In the 1990s, China and Russia first discussed the possibility of an ‘Energy Bridge’ between the two countries, but they failed to reach a deal due to disagreements over sales prices and volume, the report said.

However, now China is facing nationwide power shortages so the plan reappeared on the government’s agenda.

UES deputy CEO Leonid Drachevsky arrived in Beijing yesterday and will meet with relevant officials of the National Development and Reform Commission and officials from China’s big power companies, according to the report.